Hair Products for Curly Hair: Conditioner, Keratin Hair Straightening

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Damaged Hair
Keratin Hair Products for Curly Hair

“I’am a new woman since the day I started Zmoothology." The treatment is the most transforming cosmetic procedure I have ever done. In less than two hours my life changed!

Now, as a co-captain on week-long yacht charters without the ability to blow-dry my hair because it blows the breakers; as a horseback rider in dusty unpaved roads in the Redlands; as an outdoor racquetball player; as a sailorgirl exposed to sun and salt water every weekend; I am so happy with my hair! Especially since I haven't been late to work one day since I transformed myself into a girl with beautiful, silky-smooth, shiny, healthy hair! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Oh! My boss and my boyfriend thank Zmoothology too!!

My hair is long without breakage. I am so happy
Frizzy Curly Hair
Straightening Hair Treatment

“The Zmoothology Treatment saved my hair. My hair was brittle, dry and full of split ends. Since starting this treatment approximately a year ago, my hair texture has changed; it is now shiny, glossy and most importantly, healthy! In addition, it is growing. And all it takes is one hour of my time every three to four months. I am so happy. This treatment is wonderful and I would recommend it to anyone!”

Zmoothology has changed my life!
Curly Hair Conditioner
Brazilian Hair Straightening

“At the risk of sounding dramatic, I make the following statement - Zmoothology has changed my life. My hair, although by and large straight, was always frizzy in Miami. To prevent frizz, I had to have my hair professionally blown dry. Otherwise I was always battling frizz around my face. Additionally, my hair looks fairly thin but I have a lot of it so it took a long time to blow dry.

Since having the treatment I usually just blow dry a little of the hair around the front and then let the rest air dry. I do run the brush through it a few times as it is drying. It saves me so much time!! I work full time and have a 4 year old so any free time is valued. Towards the end when the treatment is pretty much worn off, the hair still looks great when I blow dry it. No frizz, I just can't let it air dry as much and still have the look I want at that point.

In short, I love it. I have been doing it now for a year. My hair is healthy and silky. (I also have highlights).I do my treatment every three months. Getting ready is a breeze, and frizz is a thing of the past for me.

We Love It!
Brazilian Keratin Straightening
Keratin Hair Straightening

“Everytime that me and my friend have the Zmoothology treatment we feel like new women. We Love It!” "It is easy and safe and it only takes an hour. Some of my friends use it to soften the curl and others like me, to make the hair straight and smooth"

My life might have been very different. Thank you Zmoothology!
Keratin Hair Products for Curly Hair
Shiny Hair

I started going grey in my thirties so I started going to a salon on a regular basis to color my hair. Everyone had some different idea about what product to use to change the consistency of my hair. Some of it helps but when I moved to Miami all that product didn’t counter the “Miami Frizz”. I considered a Japanese straightening treatment but was advised against from previous stylists. I had heard mixed reviews about it and I was concerned about its use of chemicals. Then a friend told me about Zmoothology which uses keratin and silk a naturally occuring substance and I thought “Let’s give it a try

After my first treatment I couldn’t believe my eyes, I almost cried. My hair was straight, soft, and shiny just the way I always wanted. Even flat ironing never made my hair feel and look this good. I was hooked. Now I do my Zmoothology treatment every 3-4 months and each time my hair gets better and better. I wish I had access to this treatment 20 years ago. My life might have been very different. Thank you Zmoothology!!!!!”.



Brazilian Keratin hair treatment

After just one use, hair becomes straight, silky smooth, luxuriously shiny and healthy, naturally flowing and full of life. Our solution treatment is quick and easy to spray on.


Brazilian Keratin hair

“This is incredible, you have no idea how much better my hair feels and looks with almost no effort”